Backworld 1.0

Paint a new reality


  • Cool ideas
  • Easy to pick up
  • Cute Graphics


  • Not very Long
  • Some levels are too hard

Very good

In Backworld, you can paint the world around you to expose an alternative reality. This allows you to do what looks impossible, in this charming puzzle platformer.

Your character is a silent rabbit, traveling through a strange monochrome world. He is controlled with the WASD keys, and the mouse. The keys let you move and jump, and the mouse allows you to paint. Hold the left button and you will paint in the Backworld, exposing that different reality, and you can hold the right button to paint the front world back again.

The Backworld might hold platforms you need, or simply passages. Sometimes the Backworld has strange properties, like altered gravity, that you can use creatively to navigate levels. This isn't a very long game, but it's challenging enough, and the hand-drawn graphics are really pretty, giving the game a great atmosphere.

There isn't much wrong with Backworld - the painting idea is really well done and makes every level interesting. There are some that are surprisingly hard, but you have infinite lives, and your progress is automatically saved so they're not that annoying.

Backworld looks great, and is a thoughtful and enjoyable platform game with some head scratching puzzles.

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Backworld 1.0

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